GoDaddy Pay Monthly Web Hosting Option

When you search online for some of the best web hosting options, you will most likely stumble upon GoDaddy. Considered as one of the best domain registrars and web hosting providers all over the world, GoDaddy has provided services to more than 45 million domain names ever since they started. And aside from web hosting, they also sell software and services that are related to ecommerce businesses. Read on to find out some information about the GoDaddy pay monthly web hosting option.

Hosting Plans and Pricing

With GoDaddy, you will have the option to purchase hosting packages monthly or annually. While the monthly packages are great, the annual packages are a much better deal. You will find that there are lots of options available for you to choose from when it comes to the hosting packages.

Their most basic shared hosting plan is called the Economy package and this plan comes with 100 GB of data storage and includes a single domain with 100 emails. This is a one year package option, but you will only end up paying $3.99 monthly for this plan. This is perfect for those who do not want to have a lot of disc space for their web hosting. There is also a Deluxe plan which provides unlimited domain, disc space, as well as 500 email addresses, while the Ultimate plan has unlimited of everything.

Dedicated SSL Certificate

You will need a dedicated SSL certificate for your site in order to guarantee the safety and security of your customers. The great news is that this feature is included on the Ultimate plan that GoDaddy is offering. As mentioned, the Ultimate plan includes unlimited services, such as unlimited domain, disc space and email addresses. This plan will only cost you $8 for each month. This is ideal for those who manage a big business and those that need a huge website that could accommodate heavy files. More coupons for Go Daddy SSLs here.

Website Building and Managing Features

With each of the hosting packages that you purchase from GoDaddy, you will enjoy free building tools and templates. There is also an upgraded website builder which provides new and exciting website design templates that can help to make your website look even more attractive to your customers. The Deluxe and the Ultimate plans also come with mobile friendly capabilities, allowing your customers to easily view your site in a mobile platform.  Or, if you want to try HostGator month to month hosting, go here.

Customer Support

You can greatly rely on the customer support team of GoDaddy and what’s great is that you can easily contact them for all of your concerns. As a large company, they have introduced a lot of great avenues for customers to get in touch with their customer support. You can call, email, or perhaps, send trouble ticket assistance to their site for anything that you need.

You will also find a lot of online resources available on their site such as the FAQ section. So if you have any questions concerning the GoDaddy pay monthly web hosting option, you better check out their website and get in touch with their customer support team.


Why Political Candidates Should Buy Their Domain Name Address

Political candidates often put up signs of their name on the streets to grab attention. But, they do not give much attention to where most people are nowadays – the Internet. These days, when people want to see what is happening outside, they turn to their computer and smartphone monitors and not on their doors and windows.

The Internet is a big place to get all the information that people want, including information about the political candidates that they want to vote for. Thus, it is one important reason why political candidates should buy their domain name address. They need to ensure that when people look up their name online, the people will see the information that they need.

Why Buy a Domain Name Address

Political candidates can be a target of malicious attacks especially during elections. They need to protect their name online and ensure that no one else is using their name to put up malicious and embarrassing things about them online. This is why political candidates should buy their domain name address.

  • Political Candidate’s Name as a Domain Name of Organizations

Some websites that are owned by people who are not fluent in English have funny domain names. Some even have the names of political candidates as their domain name because they are unaware that their company or the domain names that they chose are similar to a name of a candidate somewhere else.

This can lead to confusion. When an Internet user searches for a name of a political candidate online, they may be brought to a wholly different site that has no connection with the political candidate that they are searching for. This is one of the main reasons why political candidates should buy their domain name address.

When you’re ready to build a website on that domain, go here or here for more information.

  • Bullying

Many people might aim at a political candidate and put up a site, with the candidate’s name as the domain name, and share falsehoods or embarrassing stories and images that can ruin the candidate’s reputation. Other entities that go against the belief of a political candidate may also do the same, ruining the name of the latter. This is another reason why political candidates should buy their domain name address – to avoid cyber bullying.

  • Bringing Back Past Political Issues

When elections are dawning, some entities would make websites using a political candidate’s name as the domain name and put up political issues that their target candidate had been tangled with. This can ruin the reputation that the political candidate has built and would leave a great impact on the election results in a negative way.

Thus, it is important for political candidates to purchase multiple domain names with variations of their names. This will prevent confusion and will prevent entities from using their name online to post malicious content against them.

Most people do not see why political candidates should buy their domain name address. But if you are a political candidate, you might want to ensure that your name is protected from entities that want to ruin your reputation through malicious web content.


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