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Buying a cheap domain name doesn't mean you are giving up quality.  After all, all unregistered domain names originate from the same place regardless of how cheap the domain name is.  What is more important is registering the right cheap domain name.

Cheap domain name registration can occur by registering your domain for a longer length of time.  For example, has a deal where you can get a cheap domain name for $8.95 per year when you use coupon 895five and register your cheap domain for 5 years.  You can't beat $8.95 - that's a cheap domain registration.

There are benefits besides price to registering a cheap domain for a longer term.  Google and other search engines like domains that are registered for longer than a one year period.  It shows commitment to the website, and shows the site is less likely to be a spam. However, if you just want to get your website up and going with the least amount of money out of pocket a pay per month web hosting plan may be just the right thing for your initial web ambitions.  Learn more here, or here.

Another way to get cheap domain names is by getting the domain at the same time as you buy a web hosting package.  Most web hosting packages come with a free domain - domain names don't come any cheaper than free!

Another way to make sure you buy a cheap domain name is to use a coupon.  We've already mentioned's Reg250tj cheap domain name coupon.  But what if you want to get email that uses you domain name?  A good deal is Register's $9.99 cheap domains + email deal.  With this offer, you get a cheap domain registration for only $9.99 per year that includes an email address utilizing your domain name.  Score.

If you're on a budget, make sure you don't just go for the cheapest domain name registration you find.  Many cheap domain name registrars only have limited functionality and services that will restrict you after you buy your cheap domain name.  It may be frustrating down the road when you encounter problems with your cheap domain and your registrar is not able to help you with a solution.  Plus some of these cheap domain registrars may be fly-by-night operations that disappear along with your cheap domain name. Get a cheap domain address from a trusted company like that has one the J.D. Power customer service award multiple years running. More cheap domain name information.

Once you build your website, you may find out that you'd like to sell products on your site.  Remember, you need to keep your users credit card and other information safe.  To do that, you need a SSL certificate.  Learn more about SSLs here, or at this site.

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